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The Still Man project pic.png
A workaholic city detective tries to stop a ruthless serial killer, but discovers her perpetrator is a terrifying, supernatural entity that presents its victims with an impossible ultimatum: you stop moving, you die.

A dead girl. A missing cop. Something strange is going on in sleepy South Woodburn and city detective Samantha Ellington wants answers.


But it’s the run up to “Woodfest”, South Woodburn’s annual celebration that has recently become the festival to attend and town mayor, Elias Woodburn, doesn’t want a cop investigating his community.


As thousands arrive for the festivities, Samantha discovers something much darker at play; something beyond her control - a terrifying entity is inflicting its victims with a horrifying ultimatum: you stop moving, you die. As bodies mount up and the town’s secrets unravel, Samantha must stop “The Still Man” before it kills again.

THE STILL MAN is written by David Scullion and produced by Jude Goldrei (Lunar Lander Films) and Douglas Cox (Shadowhouse Films). We are currently developing the script with an aim to send it out this spring, whilst our proof of concept - STOP DEAD - tours the festival circuit. 

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