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Stop Dead 
proof-of-concept shooting March 2020 postponed until further notice

When two bickering police officers stop a dishevelled girl stumbling down the middle of a dark country road, their own petty issues fall away as they realise she is being stalked by some unseen entity with a horrifying ultimatum: you stop moving, you die.

STOP DEAD is a high concept horror that will be both a truly immersive visual experience and a philosophical view on the question of freedom. We're given this illusion of freedom in life, when actually we're constrained to a set of rules dictated by someone or something else, forcing us to walk the path society has designed - keep moving, keep working, keep breeding, keep paying, keep obeying, keep going - until you die. 

STOP DEAD is written by David Scullion and is being produced by Jude Goldrei (Lunar Lander Films) and Douglas Cox (Shadowhouse Films). The script is one of six winning films selected by Directors UK and ARRI for Challenge ALEXA and was scheduled to shoot in March 2020, but the production was shut down due to the Covid pandemic.