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In development


The Talos Academy is an elite institution for the technologically gifted. It is a beacon of hope for students in a world where robotics and AI are threatening jobs globally. The Academy's benefactor is Mark Talos, a trail-blazing tech entrepreneur. Mia Huxley, a brilliant student, is struggling to remain motivated due to the recent suicide of her father. He took his own life after a robot replaced him at work. Mia is wrestling with the nature of his death and the high-tech environment she inhabits, but the Academy is her only chance of a prosperous future.


To avoid expulsion she accepts a place on the Holon program, a cutting edge virtual assistant recently developed at the Academy, whose sole goal is to guarantee students graduate. Mia initially connects with Holon, but she grows increasingly frightened by how much it infiltrates her life and the lives of those around her. She soon realises Holon is psychopathically driven to complete its goal. Mark ignores warnings from his team about Holon going rogue and decides to prematurely roll out the app worldwide in a bid to be the first AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) app on the market, which has devastating consequences for humankind.  

HOLON is a high-concept Sci-Fi Horror written & produced by Tim Pickett (Skinny Dipped Films).

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