Scream Room
Script ready

A frustrated stay-at-home mum, desperate to revive her career, starts to believe her troubled son is being haunted by a dangerous spirit out to avenge a terrible family secret. 

Russell and Kay live with their two young boys, Jack and young Tommy, in affluent suburbia. Russell, a prominent architect, is weeks away from unveiling his newest and biggest building to nationwide acclaim, while Kay watches from the confines of their home; her own successful career sacrificed to raise their family. 


Kay silently rages against what she has become.

Her situation is compounded by the fact that her youngest son, Tommy, has stopped talking and medical treatment is required.

When Kay starts hearing strange whispering noises coming from the boys’ bedroom late at night, she initially thinks they are playing tricks on her, but increasingly scary nighttime occurrences make her wonder if it's something else.

Kay has to confront her worst fears to save her family, even if that risks tearing her family apart.

SCREAM ROOM is a contemporary horror re-imagining of Ibsen's A Doll’s House, with the theme of outdated gender expectations being an obstacle to achieving personal satisfaction. Like Nora in A Doll’s House and Nicole Kidman's character, Celeste, in Big Little Lies, it explores the character who is so immersed in self-denial they can't see the problem is right in front of them, and raises the question: when will she realise, what will she do when she does… and how?

SCREAM ROOM is written by Jared Kelly and is being produced by THE HORROR LAB